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Some of my favourite sessions involve teaming up with my kinky friends, and really putting you to the test.

Princess Peach

Available for Double Domme Duos, Duos in which you can submit alongside Peach to me or if you're a woman, you may dominate Peach alongside me, and Group Bookings

Peach is a queer, pervy, sub-leaning switch with a taste for anything kinky. She loves indulging in the best of both worlds.


Whilst Peach has the privilege of being Mistress Fae's partner and owned submissive, she also loves exercising her belief in female supremacy and reminding submissive men that they belong at the bottom of the food chain. Yes- that's right, even beneath submissive females like her. 

As well as Peach being a natural humilatrix, she cannot resist heavy sadomasochism and gives just as much as she can take. Are you brave enough to submit to and spoil this princess as she deserves? Or maybe you want to test how well you can compare to her?

Countess Odelia

Available for Double Domme Duos, switching sessions where Fae submits, Intimate sessions, Taboo/Messy sessions and group sessions.

Countess Fairy Odelia (not mistress!) is a domme and fetishist from London living in Manchester with a deep and innate love for all things taboo, perverted, sensual, and extreme. They love using men as objects and sex toys, dressing up sissies, fucking holes, wanking on beds of money, humiliating and degrading losers, and so much more.


Sultry and sensual, or wild and weird, they're a dominant and fetishist with broad tastes, from nurturing and intimate, to fucked-up and strange, with lots between. 


Mistress Violet Skye

Available for Double Domme Duos, switching sessions, intimate sessions and group sessions.

Mistress Violet Skye is a pro Domme with a lengthy list of filthy fantasies to indulge. Although she is capable of being cruel and sadistic, Mistress Violet truly enjoys the more lighthearted approach to Dominance. Finding creative, somewhat silly methods to toy with submissives. Mistress Violet particularly enjoys sessions centred around cuckolding, servitude, worship, humiliation, bondage and sadomasochism. 

Princess Aurora

Available for Double Domme Duos and Switching sessions where Fae submits

If you've ever dreamed of being demeaned by a mean, demanding, bratty girl then Princess Aurora is what you've been searching for...They'll take your dirty secrets and use them against you.

Don't be fooled by her innocent exterior, Princess is a lifestyle fetishist who frequently attends alternative events all over Europe. They've got a vivid imagination, a bratty mean streak and take a lot of pleasure in cutting men down to size.


They take particular pleasure in sessions involving humiliation, sissification and nylon, but they are a fully versatile fetish princess who can cater to so much more.

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