Submissive Sessions

With careful consideration I have recently decided to start offering duo sub sessions. I will be available as a submissive for duos only, meaning you can book me and a professional dominant and both dominate me with she/he/they being in control of the session or she/he/they can dominate us both. Any acts that require training/skill will only be conducted by the professional, eg: needles or the use of suspension tools.

As a submissive I enjoy impact play (with hands, paddles, floggers, and especially anything thuddy), bondage, shibari (especially rope suspension), electro-stimulation, latex, slave training, forced orgasms with a doxy or wand, medical play, pet play, titty torture and objectification.

My limits include extreme genital torture, dd/lg (as I personally like to keep this title for my partner, Mommy Role play and light age play is fine), hard sports, receiving water sports from the client (being made to self pee or receiving from a dom/me I have chemistry with is ok), race play, any homophobic or transphobic language and humiliation based on unchangeable personal appearance. 


Professional Dominants I'm currently happy to submit to are Princess AuroraMiss Kitty Dommeand Countess Fairy Odelia

If you have another dominant you'd prefer to session with, let me know and I'll consider it.

I will be most likely to session with dominants I have collaborated with before so check out my Onlyfans or Manyvids to see which Dom/me's I have worked with.

Duo Sessions start from £250 per hour.